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What Musicians Were Wearing and Sharing on Instagram This Week 11/23

"Uh. So, you’re at the 1975 show with Ellie and Selena, and not to be weird about it, but they both came in black and you texted ahead to let them know what you were wearing…"
November 23, 2014, 9:00pm

It's that time of the week again. Here's what peacocking musicians were up to this week via Instagram. Thanks for sharing guys!

kindness solange

Solange must really love the man she married this weekend, because according to this picture, she spent at least one pre-wedding brunch with

Adam Bainbridge, a.k.a. Kindness, a.k.a. he of the luscious, perfectly conditioned locks and winsome gaze,

within which is carried all the sadness in this funky, funky world. Yep, they hung out, and she still made it to the altar—that’s love right? Is anyone gonna eat that toast? Oh and guys, if I take my look to a more monochrome place, can I sit with you?


Uh. So, you’re at the 1975 show with Ellie and Selena, and not to be weird about it, but they both came in black and you kind of texted ahead to let them know what you were wearing. Then the next day, Ellie posts the same picture as you on Instagram but with a different filter and you call Selena and you’re like "Oh. My. God. Why does she want to BE me so hard?" and you make that face you always make and then you write a song called "I Can’t Even."

Lolawolf and Reputante member and MXTHER producer Jimmy Giannopoulos is my Instagram muse. Sometimes I like to dedicate an afternoon to going through his posts, tracking Jimmy and his bandmate Zoe Kravitz’s various amazing hair decisions, and enjoying Jimmy’s insanely wonderful video skits, comfortable in the knowledge that somewhere in that collection of likes, my username is nestling up against Drake’s. Here’s Jimmy and Zoe spoofing Wayne’s World as a couple of rad dudes called Dennis and Lerin. Someone give this man a TV show. A nine-second TV show.

According to his Instagram profile, which he uses to document events over on Second Life, Father John Misty had a pretty vibey week in the virtual sphere. First he payed a visit to Gibson Island for some guitar geekery, then he donned novelty undies and a pair of bunny ears, and took part in what appears to be a ritualistic sex party. I don't know that I’d let my avatar lapse on the elbow grooming quite as badly as his clearly has, but maybe they’ve got bigger problems to worry about.

There used to be a time when I thought Carrie Brownstein of Sleater Kinney was a SERIOUS MUSICIAN, now all she does is horse around with comedians and get pictured at the Emmys. So much for punk rock, you corporate slave! I’m so mad I’d throw away my TV, but I’m using it to transmit my manifestos into space. Nice collar'n'cuffs situation, by the way. Strong color choice on the right! I can’t believe it’s taken four seasons of Portlandia for Fred Armisen to realize how great he looks in a perm and a pantsuit.

Dear Santa, can I ask that you spend the next month clicking everything that Questlove tells you to? Oh, and can I get it all in black and white? I’m still holding out for an invite to the Solange/Kindness table.

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