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Listen to Mothers' New Single "Copper Mines" Now

Get on the ground floor before you get left behind.

Photo via Mothers

Hailing from Athens, Georgia, Mothers is a band you’re going to want to keep at least one eye, maybe two, on this year. Kristine Leschper’s voice is a slow, hypnotizing croon that will sooth your soul of whatever worries it might have. The band has been together for two years, but this When You Walk A Long Distance You Are Tired is their debut LP.

"What I have to give/ is small/ but, at least, I can admit it” sings Leschper on “Copper Mines,” the first song the band wrote together. In it you can hear the energy that courses through their full LP; there is anger, contempt, and full on indifference that powers the band as they sing about just getting through life.

When You Walk A Long Distance You Are Tired, is out 2/26/16 via Grand Jury Music (US)/Wichita Recordings (UK).

Listen to “Copper Mines” below, and preorder their LP here.