Enjoy the Ride Through All of Your Emotions in Mourn's New Record 'Ha, Ha, He.'

The youthful band follow up their 2015 self-titled with something just as confident.
May 31, 2016, 5:32pm

Is there anything that makes you feel like even more of a failure than hearing a band of teens play fantastically crafted music? The band Mourn's brand of raw, no-feelings-left-in-tact garage rock certainly did that do us last year when they released their self-titled record, and are now putting us on full quarter-life crisis mode with their new record Ha, Ha, He.

From the track opener "Flee," you hear a unity in the band's playing that creates a perfect instrumental of an opener, casting swelling feelings of happiness in the listener. Each proceeding track is all-out emotional warfare on your heartstrings, "Evil Dead" dredging up your most confusing and angry moments, "Howard" whisking you away to summers past, "Second Sage" an argumentative, self-assured punk rock. There's no doubt that Mourn will continue to bestow greatness and an understanding of how to succinctly put emotions to riffs, so enjoy the ride.