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Introducing Norman Perry and His Super Chill New Track "Points"

He's a new R&B star straight out of… Connecticut.


Norman Perry

, a 23-year-old up and comer hailing from New Haven, CT, but currently hanging out in Boston. Thus far Perry's dropped three tracks of exceptionally mellow, sorta-sexy R&B on Soundcloud



and most recently,


—songs that have been rippling around the internet with little to no promotion. Just a lot of press repeat love.

"New Haven's music scene is currently outdated, but there's so much talent ready to blow," explains Perry of his hometown. "I had to come to Boston because it was a breath of fresh air and it's up next. I thought it was the best way for me to find a following that supports my music style, but I can still rep for New Haven so I can put them on eventually."

Below we're premiering Perry's fourth ever track. So laidback it's practically horizontal, rolling with liquid, faintly Asiatic strings, and delicate trap hi-hats, "Points" once again showcases his supremely chill vibes.

Lyrically, Perry had this to say about the track: "I'm coming up, but I'm still hungry for more. And same as the girl, she's coming up, but she still wants more. Also about the girl, she admires my lifestyle she wants to live the rock star life cause I’m living the rock star life, and thats the girl I’m looking for for the night."

No word on the girls he's looking for for life, but have a listen below.