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Judge's 'Chung King Can Suck It' Is Officially an Insanely Expensive Record

The legendary limited-to-100 copies LP catches a pretty penny on a vinyl resale site.

What is a legend of a legend? Does that make a myth? For a long time many people thought that Judge’s Chung King Can Suck It LP was nothing more than an old wives tale, limited to a scant 100+ copies due poor communication and a mix that was unsatisfactory to the band. The record, which would eventually evolve into Bringing’ It Down, was a fairy tale, matched only by the mystique of the legendary hardcore band’s frontman Mike Ferraro.


Now the Chung King LP has emerged from the shadows, only to turn up as the , fetching a whopping $6,048 for the paper and vinyl release. Second up is the Damned’s perfect Damned Damned Damned LP, coming in at less than half of the price.

Judge’s mystique is explored in depth in our recent There Will Be Quiet documentary, now showing in full below. Catch up now before you’re friends realize how behind you are.