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Getting Grounded With Moonbase Commander

We touch down with the Sydney producer ahead of his appearance at our Noisey parties next week.

Moonbase Commander has been producing and remixing hectic trap and laser beats since 2012. Thought we just found out that he isn't from the moon and that his nace is actually Nicholas Luke, we do know that he orbits Sydney and has built a name with his solid production and live skills.

MBC is making an appearance at our Noisey parties in Sydney and Melbourne next week so we figured we'd sit down and have a chat. The guy is pretty cagey with his responses but the truth and proof is in his soudcloud link.


Noisey: What's your bass base like?

Moonbase Commander: Pretty expansive. Let's just say I have a whole room just for listening to prog rock records complete with beanbags and lava lamps.

How would you describe your sound to other life forms?

It would probably be a pretty hard job to do, not because I think my beats are hard to describe but more because, they're aliens - like, multi-dimensional, intelligent crystals or something.

Do you ever refer to yourself in third person as the 'Dance Commander'?

No, but I definitely should start!

Have you ever had anyone spontaneously orbit your DJ decks?

Yeah it can happen for sure, but you can't fight the gravity of a crazy guy or girl in the midst of a bass-infused K-hole so I try to roll with it.

What have you learnt in your three years as a Moonbase Commander?

Never look a person in the eye whilst eating a banana.

Who would you rather as your spaceship commander: Buzz Light Year or Han Solo?

Han Solo hands down, lol.

We need a brief for your upcoming shows at the Noisey parties.

I'll be test-driving a bunch of new and exclusive tunes. It'll be rad, come thru and hang some.

Moonbase Commander is supporting the dreamy hip-hop duo Milwaukee Banks for our Sydney and Melbourne NOISEY parties. Entry is free but you've got to RSVP!

Wednesday August 13 in Sydney with Milwaukee Banks, Staunch Nation and Mike Who at Good God. RSVP HERE

Thursday August 14 in Melbourne with Milwaukee Banks, Baro and Hip Hip Hotties at the Lounge. RSVP HERE

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