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Azealia Banks: "1991" Video

Azealia goes all 90s high-fashion in her new video.
September 2, 2012, 11:00pm

Banks has come a long way from pigtails and those skanky denim short-shorts she wore for a worryingly long time, to being slathered with Mac eyeshadow and looking impeccable in couture. And doesn't she look great for it!

Despite her relentlessly channeling a petulant child IRL, this new video is actually pretty slick and grown-up, drawing on all the 90s inspired vogue stuff, that her EP release of the same name was already drenched in. Though if she ever mentions the words "fierce" or "high fashion" to describe it in interviews, I’ll probably vom. Like, real life vomming with carrots, not supermodel vomming.