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Foals: "Inhaler"

Yannis and co release the first taste of their third record.
Ryan Bassil
London, GB

Foals have been missing for so long I was beginning to think they’d disappeared down a rabbit hole of reverb, Skins DVDs and extended third album hiatus. Back in the day, Yannis and co could soundtrack budget cider binging at the local park, whilst simultaneously getting the tongues of corduroy wearing musical bigwigs waggling, as they were hailed for invigorating a genre that, for most, had been dead on its feet for years.


Anyway, musical jargon aside, they’re back and they’re fucking good. The bands new single “Inhaler” is a murky lagoon of bass grooves and dueling guitars, providing a musical postage stamp for the reported melodic noise of their third record. Check out the explosive video for the track below. It’s filled with all sorts of BMX tricks and fireworks and what not, but personally, I’m just happy Yannis is still rocking the beard.