This story is over 5 years old.

Here's Spank Rock's "Back Up" to Jack Your Monday

Monday sounds like Friday. Thanks Spank!

Last time we saw Spank Rock was at a Boiler Room Baltimore club special in Bushwick where Bmore mainstays Tt the Artist and Mighty Mark were turning up the temperature and making everyone get down and dirty on the floor. Spank was getting sweaty right there with us. He was loving it and although he's most closely associated with Philly, Baltimore is his hometown.

So in a way it's no surprise that this flipside to "Asassin" is a party track designed to devastate with rapid fire vocals flying over frenetic beats and cut and paste sonics. Produced by New Orleans' Kid Kamillion, "Back Up" will rachet up your AJPM—that's Ass Jiggles Per Minute—in under 40 seconds flat. Thanks Spank, we needed some of this on a Monday.

"Back Up" and "Assassin" featuring Amanda Blank are out on 10/7 via Bad Blood Records.