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Kendrick Lamar Adds a Verse to Young Jeezy's "Holy Ghost," World Explodes

We're still trying to catch up to Kendrick's flow.
September 3, 2014, 6:00pm

We've been throwing chairs out of windows and lighting stuff on fire ever since we first heard Jeezy's new album, Seen It All, but now we have a new reason to do irresponsible shit and turn way the fuck up because HOLY SHIT KENDRICK LAMAR IS HERE. "Holy Ghost" is a song that was begging for Kendrick Lamar to rip into it, and that's exactly what he does, rapping in breathless waves, pulling up to let everyone catch up to his brain, and then launching into his next volley of ideas.


I'm still running it back to try to figure out what each syllable is actually saying, but there's a shoutout to Jeezy's mentee and Kendrick's hometown partner in conquering rap, YG, and a line about how Kendrick is still trying to find role models. The word "fire" gets tossed around a lot describing verses, but this is the kind of rapping that actually feels like it's burning something down, or at least the kind of flow that should make other rappers light their lyrics notebooks on fire and start over. Anyway, here it is: