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Punch Pack A Lot of 'Em On Their New LP 'They Don't Have to Believe'

Coming via Deathwish next week but brutalizing you right now, only at Noisey

Punch describes themselves as a fastcore band, using moments of grindcore violence to pepper their 1000MPH hardcore. Regardless of how you slice and dice the genre, Punch is first and foremost a good band.

Comprised of five folks from California, at the forefront is vocalist Meghan O'Neil, who's furious vocals is the centerpiece of the band. O'Neil's perfect approach of exactly the right amount of pissed helps push some of the also-members of Loma Prieta to new and furious heights. Speedy and fist-raisingly badass instrumentation is what really makes this sucker go though, and They Don't Have to Believe has that for days. Stream the LP for the first time below, and order yours via Deathwish Inc before it hits officially on August 19.