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Grab a Broom and Dance to "Dream Hesitate" ft. Sharon Van Etten by ETERNAL LIPS

Eating a burger afterwards is optional but advisable.

Directed by Grey Gersten.

With this video and song, Brooklyn's ETERNAL LIPS, a.k.a. Grey Gersten, is pretty much preaching to the converted. Dancing with a broom? Good. (Hey, you have to make your own fun sometimes.) Burgers? Good. (Don't char that sucker; be liberal with the cheese and easy on the raw onions.) And the song? It's glimmering, lo-fi, slacker-pop that's oddly reminiscent of The Chiffon's "He's So Fine."

Plus! 8-bit burgers are also involved. What more do you want?

ETERNAL LIPS' self-titled EP is out 2.25 via New Mirage Records and features contributions from TVOTR's Kyp Malone, Michael Hurley, Sharon Van Etten, and more.

Kim often leaves the bottom burger bun just so she can fit in more fries. She's on Twitter - @theKTB