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Listen to ‘Sundowner’ From Kitchen’s Floors' Latest Album of Nihilistic Outsider Rock and Roll

Matt Kennedy returns with a new album and lineup but continues with his bleak and despondent rock and roll.
August 11, 2015, 5:17am

Anyone who has walked through Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley in the early hours of a Saturday morning will tell you that there is more than one Battle of Brisbane. Most involve slurred insults, wobbly steps and misdirected kicks and punches.

Kitchen's Floors’ Battle of Brisbane is the band’s third album of nihilistic outsider rock and roll.

“Defend the streets”, shrieks guitarist/vocalist Matt Kennedy on “Sundowner” the album’s opening track. The defence could be as much from the Valley’s aggressive bum-bagged clowns, as it is the pubs that serve craft beer that tastes like room deodorizer

Following 2011's Look Forward To Nothing and 2009's Loneliness Is A Dirty Mattress, Kennedy returns joined by a new lineup that includes drummer Robert Vagg (Wonderfuls, Meat Thump) and bassist Josh Watson (Sewers).

Recorded by Blank Realm’s Luke Walsh, Battle of Brisbane is 10 tracks of uncompromisingly uniquely fucked music. We can’t wait to hear more.

‘Battle of Brisbane’ will be available September 11 digitally and on vinyl in Europe through Bruit Direct Disquees and in the US in November through Hozac. Australian distribution is through Eternal Soundcheck.