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This Instagram Is Dedicated to Seamless Mash Ups of Album Covers and Classic Art

Björk is as an alien art muse who has time-traveled from the past? Why not. Anything is possible on Instagram.
Daisy Jones
London, GB

All illustrations via Instagram

Instagram is becoming an increasingly surreal place where Kim Kardashian’s perfectly-crafted belfies reign supreme, 50 Cent posts photos of himself surrounded by (fake) fat stacks and R.E.M’s Michael Stipe continuously uploads additions to a patchwork quilt of his own solemn, beardy face. However, amongst this flagrant surrealism are small portals of genius that keep us from logging out forever, and amongst these small portals of genius are Album+Art, an Instagram account dedicated entirely to flawless mash ups of your favourite album covers and classic art.


Created by LA illustrator Eisen Bernado, these campy mash ups are so visually harmonious, you could almost believe that Björk’s iconic 1997 cover for Homogenic was in fact ripped from a 1863 French realist oil painting by Auguste Toulmouche, or that Björk is actually an alien art muse who has time-travelled from the past. See for yourself below…

…and here's Lady Gaga making William Adolphe Bouguereauthe’s 'Birth of Venus' look hella sexy…

…and here's Miguel looking like the holy icon we always knew he was born to be…

…and here's Sky Ferreira looking sad and soaping linen.

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