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Stream the Debut Album From Singaporean Hardcore Heavies Losing End

There's nothing 'nice' about 'Devil's Advocate', a vein pumping hardcore punk album .

Singapore hardcore band Losing End have released a stream of their new EP Devil’s Advocate. Released on German label Powertrip Records, the album comes just in time for the band’s upcoming European tour and a series of US west coast shows in May with Strengthen What Remains and Incited. Though their sound is much different to Lubricant, another Singaporean band we covered recently, it helps to show the depth and diversity of the Singapore hardcore scene.


Take a listen below and read a short interview with the band’s Farza Sa'ad

NOISEY: What is “Lucked Out” about?
Farza Sa'ad: It’s about the frustration of dealing with someone who has always had the easy way out, never having to face the consequences of his actions. Leaving the people around him to deal with the repercussions that follow, with no remorse.

You have a heavy sound. What were you listening to when writing and recording the album?
We had a lot of albums on rotation during that time, but only a few albums were constant; Secrets Of The World by Trapped Under Ice, Birth Of Desire by The Beautiful Ones and Bad Seed's self-titled EP.

Who did the cool album art?
Andrei Bouzikov! We really love his work, especially the one he did for Blistered, so we emailed him some ideas and references of how we wanted it to turn out and he came up with the really cool artwork.

You are about to go on a European tour. Do many Singapore bands tour Europe?
There's actually quite a number of Singapore bands that have toured Europe! The Caulfield Cult, Overthrown, Tapestry and Wormrot are just some of the names off the top of my head. We're really stoked for Europe! We'll also be heading to the U.S. for a short West Coast run after, can't wait for that as well!

'Devil's Advocate' is available now through Power Trip records.