This story is over 5 years old.

Eminem and Elliott Smith: Together at Last

From a basement on 8 Mile comes this must-listen mashup.

A year ago this week, we discovered this mashup between never-smiling goth rapper Kanye West and punk squat dwellers Leftöver Crack. Not only was the premise batshit absurd, but something about hearing the combo of Ye and Stza made it shockingly enjoyable. (If you made it all the way to the end, the best part was waiting for you—a mashup of “Two Words” and “ Gay Rude Boys Unite” with Kanye’s famous “You ain’t got the answers!” Sway interview thrown on top—arguably the best verse of Kanye’s career.


The mashup was made by Jake Bowman, a music producer/genius lunatic with a healthy amount of free time. Now, Bowman is hitting us with his latest mashup, Slim Elliott, which is equally enjoyable and makes even less sense. He’s mashed up noted puppet-averse shock rapper Eminem and the late, great Elliott Smith. And once again, it is thoroughly and surprisingly awesome. Highlights include the combo of the greatest pre-gym amp up song of all time, “Lose Yourself,” with "Coast to Coast," the intro track from the saddest album ever recorded, as well as “My Name Is Say Yes” which really brings out the pensive nature of stapling one’s nuts to a stack of paper. We don't know why it works, it just does.

So without further adieu, from a basement on 8 Mile…