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Stream OG Maco's Explosive New Self-Titled EP To Help Wash Away Your Frustration on Black Friday

OG Maco's fiery delivery, available now on 15 new tracks
November 28, 2014, 7:05pm

In case you need a soundtrack to the madness of Black Friday going on today, make sure and check out the explosive OG Maco's 15-track self-titled EP streaming in full now below. The EP from this ultra-hot Atlanta rapper follows his massive hit "U Guessed it" (also available on the EP) and the Live Life 2 mixtape which hit last month. Stream OG Maco's new EP below, featuring beats from Lex Lugar, Brandon Thomas, Zaytoven, FKi, Brandon Thomas, and more.


OG Maco and OGG is also the subject of the new documentary OGG x QC Presents: OGG The Movie available below.