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Some Fucking Nerd Made Sheet Music for the Flame-Throwing Guitarist from ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’

Play along on your non-flame-throwing guitar.
May 29, 2015, 3:50pm

Earlier this month, we talked to iOTA, the Australian actor and musician behind Mad Max: Fury Road’s most oddball character (which is saying a lot). iOTA plays Doof Warrior, the flame-throwing guitar player who has captured the hearts of movie-goers and nu-metal fans everywhere.

Did you come out of Fury Road with a burning desire to play the songs of Doof Warrior? No? Well… some very helpful internet person with too much time on his hands named Corey Richardson put together the sheet music for whatever random songs he’s playing, anyway. Here it is synced up with the clips from the movie. Knock yourself out, young Doof aspirers.

Imagine the thrill of rocking out on a non-flame-throwing guitar while sitting on your non-wasteland-roaming couch with your laptop in front of you, playing along to these incredibly simple riffs. Maybe you can just like, tape down the trigger for one of those BBQ lighters, glue it to the head of your guitar, and go nuts. That’s safe and we recommend doing it. Or, the next best thing, be this guy: