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Forget Hardcore, Supergenius is All Grown Up on Their Killer New Track "Making Shapes"

Members of Rise & Fall, Blind to Faith, and more stretch out and go 90s Dischord and Merge with their new streaming track.

I guess this is growing up.

Much like our recent piece on New York Hardcore and its wide-reaching influence, so many members of bands of the hardcore persuasion have gone on to pursue different musical roles with age. See recent examples in NOTHING, Superheaven, Code Orange and their side projects… hell, even Sleigh Bells, Passion Pit, and so many others.

Supergenius is cut from the same cloth, comprised of members of the great Ghent hardcore project Rise & Fall amongst others. And while the ethic and urgency that permeated those records is definitely present on the new track “Making Shapes,” Supergenius sits more in the indie realm, cribbing from everything from 90s Merge to Fugazi to Quicksand to create their stellar, bittersweet heavy/heady jams.

Stream “Making Shapes” below, due on the band’s forthcoming LP available for preorder now.