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PREMIERE: Death Valley Girls Are A Revolution, Sexual and Otherwise, On "I'm a Man Too"

It's the second track from the four-piece's new LP, 'Glow in the Dark'.

"In the midst of the third great sexual revolution we defy anyone to tell us who is and who is not a man." That’s Bonnie Bloomgarden of Death Valley Girls in an email to Noisey explaining the band’s new single “I’m a Man Too.” There’s no extraneous punctuation, no unnecessary over-explanation. It’s a short, sharp statement that presents an idea, or a new form of one, immediately.

LA-based Death Valley Girls have made a career of such things. Their riffs move between two chords, occasionally three; Bloomgarden's vocals are filtered through the same overdrive as the guitars, the drums, the whole mix; hooks are there to dig into you like tics. Glow in the Dark, the band’s second full-length, out June 10 on Burger Records, is a striking record, all brazen fury and bratty beats, something resembling hard rock before Sabbath. And “I’m a Man Too,” with its blues progression and lip-curled vocals, would be a standout if it weren’t for the record’s remarkable consistency.

Check out the track below.

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