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Noisey Would Like to Invite This Kid Who Dabbed Through Graduation to Be Our Intern

"when u graduated af"

Sorry to tell you this while you’re riding high, high school grads, but your diplomas don’t mean jack shit. Chances are you’ll wind up working a job you hate for the rest of your lives. But uh… don’t let that stop you from getting all YOLO on life while you are still young and good looking and don’t know what w9 forms are! Take this kid, Roy Purdy, for example.

Roy graduated the ever-loving shit out of high school recently by dabbing his way through the entire ceremony, taking a #selfie onstage, and getting his cap and gown squad turnt up. You can see him above, in his super appropriately titled video, “when u graduated af.” He even stuck around afterwards to film b-roll. That is COMMITMENT TO THE LIKES/SHARES, BABY.


Roy, you’ve demonstrated a lot of skills here. You’ve shown that you can make any situation lit. You’ve injected #swag into an otherwise swagless environment. You have a more than adequate dab and apparently enough charisma to do this in real life without music and avoid getting punched by your fellow Appletonians. In our eyes, you are the embodiment of all that is teen.

So, Roy, now that you have officially walked down the aisle, we here at Noisey would hereby like to take this opportunity to extend an invitation to be our summer intern!*

*This is not a binding offer and in all honesty we probably won’t end up hiring you as our intern, but we’ll totally sign off on your college credit forms or whatever.