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PREMIERE: Listen to the New Neo-Gothic Beat of "A Wound for Everyone" from A Heart in the Stillness

Listen to a gloomy new track from the Pacific Northwestern songwriter.

Photo courtesy of Nostalgium Directive

On the debut full-length from A Heart in the Stillness (also known as Seattle's Isaac Aurbrey), we're given an aural portrait of a man who has absorbed his hometown's legendary gloom and filtered it cleanly into a set of spare, mournful neofolk-influenced elegies. From Here We'll Watch the Dawn straddles the wispy divide between The Cure and Current 93, settling into a middle ground strewn with crackling synth lines and broken acoustic guitar strings, while Aurbrey's voice is full of aching sadness and stark acceptance.


Mastered by Noah Landis (Neurosis, Christ on Parade), it's remarkably mature for a debut release, and a heavily romantic take on a sometimes stale genre. The fancy-pants limited vinyl release is just icing on a deliciously dark devil's food cake.

Noisey is pleased to offer an exclusive stream of the song "A Wound for Everyone." Soak up the sadness below, and preorder the vinyl version here.

From Here We'll Watch the Dawn is out via the Nostalgium Directive label on February 3rd.

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