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Premiere: Cereal Killer Share Their Debut Punk Nugget ‘No Life Til Cereal’

Featuring members of Wet Blankets, Ausmuteants and Orb, Geelong’s newest punk bands is also one of the rowdiest.
August 27, 2015, 3:35am

I once created a last minute costume by inserting plastic knives into mini boxes of breakfast cereal and attaching them to my body. I was reminded of the lameness of the ‘cereal killer’ concept and execution by nearly everyone at the party.

Cereal Killer, a new Geelong supergroup made up of members of Wet Blankets, Ausmuteants, and Orb are nowhere near as lame or shoddy as my costume. Instead they bust out some furiously fast and flustered rock and roll.


Their new track “No Life Til Cereal” taken from an upcoming 7” to be released through Anti Fade/Agitated clocks in at just over a minute but is as rowdy and rough with a nasty Flipper-like ‘ha, ha, ha’ in the chorus.

Though it may not sound like it, the band are influenced as much by Wu-Tang’s 36 Chambers as they are the Goner records catalogue.

'No Life Til Cereal’ will be available mid October through Anti Fade/Agitated.

Catch Cereal Killer’s first show:
Aug 28 – Geelong at the Barwon Club with Deaf Wish and Power