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English Pop Singer Florrie Teams up with H&M for "Too Young to Remember"

This season is all about pastels and pale metallics and sounding like Taylor Swift.

Every year or so English singer Florrie pops up and makes me think WTF FLORRIE WHY HAVEN'T YOU RELEASED A RECORD YET? I first started writing about her four years ago, when she was just 22 and she'd recently dropped her first EP. The standout track back then was "Call of the Wild," which was pleasantly reminiscent of Girls Aloud's break out single "Sound of the Underground." This made total sense because Florrie was part of the Xenomania family. For those who aren't Anglophiles, Xenomania is a songwriting/production powerhouse responsible for some best British pop music of the 2000s—in particular Sugagbabes' "Round Round," the majority of Girls Aloud's biggest bangers, "No Good Advice" "Biology," "The Promise," and Gabrielle Cilmi's "Sweet About Me."


Florrie joined Xenomania first as a drummer for some of their acts, which made her super cool, and then as a solo star in development. Except four EPs later and still no full length record means that Florrie, now 26, is still more famous for her fashion collaborations—she was the face of Nina Ricci's perfume Nina L'Elixir—than her sugared electro-pop. Which is freakin' frustrating. There are few girls who seem better suited to chart success and she bangs the drums, which ups her cool quotient considerably.

In any case, this season she's teamed up with H&M touting both her song "Too Young to Remember" and the Swedish label's spring collection.

What can be gleaned from this?

- Florrie is sounding an awful lot like Taylor Swift these days.

- Pastels, pinks, pale metallics, overalls, double denim, and silky bomber jackets are what H&M are pushing this coming spring.

Apparently Florrie's set to release her long, long awaited debut album later this year. Don't hold your breath, but keep your fingers and toes crossed.


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