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Noisey Beats 1: Catching Up with Kilo Kish and Inside the World of Sevdaliza

All the best music you should know right now.

<>Damn, this month, huh? We lost a purple legend, Beyonce surpirsed released a record, and now we're all cruising on VIEWS. You exhausted yet? No? Good, because we have some good shit for you this week on Noisey Beats 1.

Our first guest of the show is Kilo Kish, one of New York's sharpest young rappers. For the past few years she's been capturing the hearts and minds of listeners with a hazy approach to hip-hop and R&B. She came by to talk to us about her new record, Reflections in Real Time, and play us a handful of tunes off it. ​We also chat with Dutch-Iranian singer and producer Sevdaliza, who makes monsters of songs that also feel intricate, about what it takes to create art that's substantial.


The Noisey mix this week kicks off with mysterious rapper Spark Master Tape, followed by the strange and moody stylings of Teen Suicide. From there we're bringing the heat with back to back world premieres, with New Jersey rap prodigy Marvel Alexander's "You Know Now," and the atmospheric rhymes of New York's Milli Merk. Afterwards we've got the smooth indie-goodness of Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, and the emo perfection of Sorority Noise. We'll wrap things up with the noise rock of Bambara, the bizarre rhymes and sounds of Gaika, DJ Shadow's newest banger with Run The Jewels, and Matthewdavid's brand of experimental electronic.

Stream Noisey on Beats 1 right here on Saturday morning at 9 AM EST / 6 AM PST and again on Sunday night at 9 PM EST / 6 PM PST.

Spark Master Tape - "Panama Papers"
Teen Suicide - "I Don’t Think It’s Too Late"
Marvel Alexander - "You Know Now" **WORLD PREMIERE**
Milli Merk - "Versacy" **WORLD PREMIERE**
Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin - "Song Will"
Sorority Noise - "Either Way"
Bambara - "All the Ugly Things"
Gaika - "In Between"
DJ Shadow - "Nobody Speak" feat. Run the Jewels
Matthewdavid - "Prayers at Bedtime"

Kilo Kish - "You’re Right"
Kilo Kish - "Poem A"
Kilo Kish - "Hello Lakisha"
Anita Baker - "Sweet Love"
Kilo Kish - "Distract"
Kilo Kish - "Frustrations + Solutions"

Sevdaliza - "Underneath"
Sevdaliza - "Clear Air"
Sevdaliza - "Marilyn Monroe"
Sevdaliza - "That Other Girl"