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There Is a Problem with Sexual Assault in the Music Industry

A prominent publicist is accused of sexual misconduct, confirming something we already knew: The music industry has a big issue with attitudes towards women.
January 20, 2016, 5:15pm

Yesterday, a news story broke regarding a well-known PR company called Life or Death PR and its founder and CEO, Heathcliff Berru. The story, which you can read about in full at New York, centered on allegations of Berru’s sexual misconduct towards women in the music industry—including musicians, fellow publicists, and writers. Late afternoon, Berru resigned from his position, issuing a statement last night in the LA Weekly: he says he is “deeply sorry.”


It isn’t news that there is a problem with sexism in the music industry. Berru’s actions are deplorable, but what is more upsetting is how incredibly common they are, and this troubling fact about the element of the music world we cover is not new. Last summer, with a single tweet, well-known writer and critic Jessica Hopper kicked off a massive online discussion surrounding issues women in the music industry face on a daily basis. The responses were shocking—countless women came forward with stories of the horrid obstacles they face on a day-to-day basis. It’s facts like these, piled on top of yesterday’s news, that prove why it has to be a priority for all publications to provide voices to young women—whether they’re musicians, writers, publicists, interns, editors, or fans—and encourage them to speak out.

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