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King Louie Speaks to CNN About Chicago and Gun Violence After Being Shot in the Head

"The devil is working overtime. That's what's going on in Chicago."

Screenshot via CNN

Last week, Chicago rapper King Louie was shot on the South Side of the city, near 83rd Street and Pulaski Road. He survived the attack and is now in stable condition, and last night he made an appearance on TV for an interview with Don Lemon on CNN. Sober and stoic, he responded to Lemon's questions about "what's going on in Chicago," explaining, "The devil is working overtime. That's what's going on in Chicago."


He offered a few more details about the attack, explaining that he was in his car, leaving a friend's house, and saying that his car was shot at 22 times. He was hit seven times, and three of the bullets are still in his body: two in his chest and one in his head.

Lemon brought up Louie's song "Put the Guns Down," and then asked Louie if there is hope for Chicago. Louie responded:

I think it's hope for Chicago. And like I say, prayer. I don't think I would be here today if it wasn't for prayer. So I appreciate all the prayers that people had made for me, everybody that prayed for me, prayers that my family and everything. 'Cause like that got me, kept me strong and got me through my situation. So I said we've just got to be strong and pray for our city, and the right people just gotta do the right things.

Watch the full interview below:

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