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Watch a Skateboarding Skeleton Raise Hell in Vitamin X's New Video for "About to Crack"

These Dutch hardcore punk maniacs literally raise the dead in their badass new animated video.

Photo courtesy of the artist

For nearly 20 years, Vitamin X has been holding it down at home in Amsterdam and all around the world qith their high-energy, ultra-fun straight-edge hardcore punk. Their short, manic songs come armed with some serious 70s rock'n'roll swing, and definitely sent shocks down the spine of anyone who caught their recent European tour with Baroness. While they hole up in the studio working on a new album that vocalist Marko Korac promises "is gonna blow your socks right off into the stratosphere" (and which will include "several awesome and somewhat surprising guest appearances"), Vitamin X have been so kind as to share their incredible new animated video for "About to Crack."

The song first appeared on their last album, 2012's About to Crack, and is a ripping punk anthem that skids by in under two minutes—which won't feel like nearly enough once you clap eyes on the clip itself. Created by Marco Imov of IMOV Studio, the video features a day in the life (death?) of an incredibly pissed off, skinless dude with inexplicably gnarly shredding skills and an unhealthy appreciation for fire. It's as if Adult Swim, The Simpsons, and the best punk show you've ever been to all coalesced into one ridiculously rad afternoon right before the world exploded.

Do you want to see Baroness' John Baizely set a skeleton on fire? Do you want to watch said skeleton skateboard down a skyscraper then flip off the cops? Do you want to see a bunch of animated Dutch punks explode into a ball of apocalyptic fire? Duh!

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