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PREMIERE: Miya Folick - "Strange Darling"

Feelings can be fleeting but you can always revisit them in song.
June 10, 2015, 4:00pm

Photo by Easton Schirra. Allow a little magic into your life in the form of LA-based folk-pop songstress Miya Folick. If you like Sharon Van Etten or early Cat Power, then the golden vulnerability of this girl—communicated over slide guitars and somber synths—will leave you charmed, even as she warns you she may break your heart. And therein lies the twist: "Strange Darlings" is a song that's comforting on one level, smacking of porch-stories and a dram of whiskey as the sun sets, but Folick knows that feelings can be fleeting. "Will I want you by the end of this word?" she wonders, her question echoing softly after.


Raised in a Buddhist household in Santa Ana, CA, Folick has been around for a minute, but in the past fews months songs like the ballsier "I Got Drunk" and "Talking with Strangers" find her pushing away from more trad singer-songwriter tendencies, making music that's more sparse, more moving. As for this song in particular, Folick had this to say:

"'Strange Darling; is music pounding in a downtown warehouse, flashing lights and dancing skeleton projections. You see across the room a creature so magnificent and mysterious you find yourself in a trance, walking up to this creature and saying, 'I like your sweatshirt.'

"I made the demo for 'Strange Darling' in my apartment after buying a little, old Casio keyboard and my first guitar slide. It wrote itself fairly quickly because it was exactly how I was feeling at the time—very in love with someone I didn't understand at all, hoping this person loved me too, but also aware that my own feelings might evaporate as quickly as they came on."

There you have it. Listen below and for more from Folick head here.