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Taylor Swift Once Saved a Blazed Dave Grohl from Embarrassing Himself in Front of Paul McCartney

The Foo Fighters' frontman explains what happens u high af at a party with a Beatle and can't remember any of your own songs.

Dave Grohl—lead Foo Fighter, savior of safely practised rock and roll, and occasional muppet—played a private solo show at Cannes Lions last night. In the middle of the performance, he told a few stories, one of which contains the three key ingredients required for a timeless anecdote: Sir Paul McCartney, Taylor Swift, and a bunch of weed.

It all starts with Dave Grohl and Paul McCartney at a party. Paul is playing some music on a piano, and in true 60s singalong fashion asks Dave to get up and play something too. Only, Dave Grohl doesn't know how to play the piano. Also, all of Paul McCartney's guitars are left handed so he can't play those either. Also, Dave Grohl "maybe smoked a little pot" and is generally struggling with the whole situation.

Plot twist: all of a sudden, Taylor Swift stands up and says "I'll play a song!" And Dave Grohl says to himself "Oh thank god, Taylor Swift's here." So she hops on the ivories and starts playing something. Dave tries to jam along on a left handed bass, but he's still high af and it takes him ages to realize that she's actually playing "Best of You" by Foo Fighters.

Anyway, that's the general gist of things but it's way better when Dave Grohl tells it so you can watch that here: