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The Night Terrors Play a Really Big Organ in a Really Big Room

Horror-synth goth music just got a whole lot bigger!

So they have to endure dumb puns about playing with big organs but the Night Terrors also manage to rub shoulders with all the right Italian Horror soundtrack legends. Following their 2012 performance supporting Goblin, the Melbourne horror-synth Goths were commissioned to compose an album of music with the southern hemisphere's largest Grand Pipe Organ. Which could also be called a Fucking Behemoth Organ.


Recorded at the Melbourne Town Hall, on Friday 13th June 2014, Pavor Nocturnus - Composition for Grand Organ, theremin, electronics and percussion is exactly that. Maybe throw in inferno of haunting theremin-led post prog and dark cosmic dance.

We premiere the video for "Megafauna", the first taste of the album and have a chat to theremist Miles Brown.

Noisey: That is the biggest rehearsal room I’ve ever seen. What is a rate for two hours?
Miles Brown: Haha I think it’s around about three eternal souls and a packet of ciggies for the security guards.

What is it like to play that organ?
The organ is insane – it’s three stories high, has over 10,000 pipes and even has a shower and a toilet built inside it. Playing it is like tickling the devil.

Is that an upside crucifix I see in the clip?
Yes it I believe it was. Sarah Lim our keyboard player has some occult tendencies. We’ve gone kinda “Satanic Classical” with this record. Or “Death Disco”. Definitely the furthest we’ve ever ventured into Goth territory.

How did you hook up with Finders Keepers?
We played with Andy Votel in January when he was touring his Klekspoitation shows, and we became great friends. We share a love of vintage synths, shots and obscure Polish psychedelic film!

The Night Terrors' new album 'Pavor Nocturnus' is available for preorder now from Twisted Nerve Australia.

They launch 'Pavor Nocturnus' at a free all ages gig on Halloween Friday 31st at the Melbourne Town Hall.