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Doe B feat. Maino and G-Eazy - "I Ain't Missin'"

Prepare yourself for the creeping, swaggering menace.
September 3, 2014, 3:00pm

In the months since his passing, the unreleased Doe B material that's found its way into the world has only further proven that he was a rare talent. His camp have liberated a loose track entitled "I Ain't Missin'," featuring Maino and G-Eazy. Though the trio seems unlikely at first—who would have thought the hard-as-nails New Yorker Maino would ever share wax with the swag-manistry of G-Eazy?—such is the strength of Doe's flow and style that Maino and G-Eazy fall in line behind him to create the perfect creeping, swaggering menace.