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Gabriel Bruce Gets Stabbed Up In His New Video

We asked him WTF is going on in his video for "Perfect Weather".
October 3, 2012, 9:30am

He of the crazy baritone voice, Gabriel Bruce, has a new video for his track "Perfect Weather". It's pretty much three minutes of sea views, interpretative dance, and stab wounds. I caught up with him to find out WTF was going on.

Noisey: Hey Gabriel. So um, are you dancing? Are you dying? Can you explain please!?

Gabriel: The dance is based on a Pina Bausch piece called "Life", she understood a lot about our condition. We're all dying, each day we die a little more, and in defiance we have to dance. I think Plato was wrong; it's dancing that is the geometry of the soul. To sweat, to ache, to contort yourself in ecstatic agony, that’s what living really is.


Wow OK. Intense. So you think dancing is next to Godliness?

Yes. I do.

Where did you get those moves, God-given I suppose?

Not entirely. Nando Messias is the choreographer responsible; he and I worked on the movement together. He's fantastic.

Nice name, and who directed it?

Jacob Perlmutter, who’s really great. He's a moviemaker of the highest standard and a good man, a serious man. I'm very proud of what we made together and I hope he is too.

Do you dance like that when you play live?

Sort of, but when I play live it's a completely spontaneous thing. I have two go-go girls who flank me, and they're a bit more controlled and considered than I am. I try to be as uninhibited as I can, and let the holy muse use my body as a celestial vessel of dance. A holy boogie boat, if you like.

I like. Tell us about the song.

"Perfect Weather" is about hoping for a rainy day, it’s the penultimate track on my album Love In Arms, a sort of fanfare to the end. I suppose it’s about the pain of loving, which is a well-documented thing: Neruda wrote about it, Lorca, Tennessee Williams, everyone. Dido put it well when she described going down with her ship. She won't surrender and there will be no white flag above her door, because she's in love and always will be. Dido is a big inspiration to me.

Sounds sexy.

Are you free tonight?

Yeah, why not.

Would you like to get some dinner with me?


"Perfect Weather" is on Gabriel’s debut LP Love In Arms which will be released on Luv Luv Luv early next year.