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Premiere: Marika Hackman - "Drown"

This magical new track sounds like Laura Marling collaborating with Nico.
Emma Garland
London, GB

Marika Hackman is not your average folk artist. Challenging the perceptions of what songwriting can or should be, Hackman is more likely to pen a proto-feminist ghost story than a straight up love song. She will never take the easy route, basically, and as a result her material stands out more boldly than a leather jacket in Lord of the Rings.

Her new single “Drown”, which we are excited to premiere above, is the first taster from her forthcoming debut album We Slept At Last. Weaving between moments of suffocation and airy choral bridges, “Drown” has a rare kind of magic that all singer-songwriters aim for but most end up missing. It straddles the spaces between classic and contemporary perfectly, with dark and light textures clashing the way they might have in a fantastical world where Laura Marling could collaborate with Nico.