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Lab Coast Disturb the Peace And Private Swimming Lessons in New Video "Bored Again"

Keep your instruments AWAY from the water.

Photo courtesy of Killbeat music

Calgary band, Lab Coast have been making fuzzy sun-kissed rock for almost a decade so it was inevitable they’d find themselves in a swimming pool for new video “Bored Again.” Directed by Sara Jean Hughes and off their upcoming album Remember The Moon, the video features the band risking it all as they perform with their expensive instruments beside a large body of water. One would think they'd be at least a little bit concerned but nope and neither are the swimmers who are very clearly having their private lessons interrupted. Continue diving and butterflying on, then. Remember The Moon comes out March 29 via Wyatt Records.

"I've always been obsessed with the dim lighting of old, rundown swimming pools and have been looking for the right project to film in one" explains director Sara Jean Hughes. "The song 'Bored Again' compliments this perfectly—it's a fun pop song with a tinge of sadness." Watch the video below.

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