This story is over 5 years old.

Thank You Based God, There Are Now Lil B Emojis

Thank You Based Isaiah Toothtaker.

UPDATE: On September 17, 2014, the Based God blessed us and made these emojis and more available in the app store. Download Basedmoji here.

The Based God works in mysterious ways. Though Lil B's considerable influence on pop culture has been immortalized in the realms of song, dance, fashion, blog post (LOTS of blog posts), and general fan community dedication, there have been no Lil B emojis. Why, Based God, why? Why can someone not send a very small illustration of your face to one of their friends or enemies?


Fortunately, the Based God heard your prayers, and he sent Lil B emojis to us through his Based Messenger Isaiah Toothtaker, who took it upon himself to create some emojis of Lil B, amongst pretty much every other rap trope in the universe. For those unfamiliar with his work, Toothtaker is a dope rapper in his own right, and also runs the renowned Staring Without Caring tattoo shop in Tucson, Arizona.

His next project finds him reaching out of his comfort zone and into the realm of digital art. He made a book called That's Not Relevant that's coming out Monday, August 18th on the wonderfully-named Spork Press. His release party is at the Tuscon Museum of Contemporary art, and he'll be rapping at it.

When you create an art book, you tend to have a bunch of extra pieces that, for whatever reason, didn't make it into your book. And so, Isaiah gave them to us, and no we're giving them to you. Check them all out below, and then at the bottom download them in small sizes so you can use them on your phone and send them to all of your friends on your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy s5.

Download the emojis in iPhone-friendly sizes here.