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Watch Abdu Ali's Slow Burn Video For “Thornz”

Baltimore poet and rapper writhes around on the floor, rages out for you over a Schwarz beat.
December 5, 2013, 5:10pm

Yesterday, we brought you the latest over-the-top slab of club music sincerity from Baltimore's Schwarz, and today, a patient black and white slow motion slow burn clip from rapper (and poet and singiner and screamer and chanter) Abdu Ali for the Schwarz-produced slow-drip, “Thornz.” Think of it as the calm after the “Tonight's the Night” storm. “Thornz” comes from Abdu's Push + Slay mixtape, which you can download here, and should categorize with the rest of the year's electro-drone-party-rap skronk from Kanye West, Le1f, all of those Fade To Mind types, and Killer Mike & El-P. Here is a statement from Abdu to accompany the Brian Agamie-directed clip, which you can watch above:

"The flesh possesses so much realness. like THORNZ. Self affirm and honor affliction, the good poison, the yin. They are too virtuous. They are becoming. These THORNZ have roses, without them you would be an android; almost alive." -Abdu Ali