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Nevermind That Other Shit, Here's the Real Action Bronson Single, "Easy Rider"

Finally, a GOOD version of the first single from 'Mr. Wonderful'

When I was little, I used to sit with my fingers quivering over the "REC" and "PLAY" buttons, ready to record the latest joint by whoever, just so I could rock it on my walkman later. It was a long time ago so who gave a shit if it sounded like poo; I just wanted to have it and know the words before my other homies did. Nowaways, everything's being recorded, so a dub off of the radio isn't really all that special, and more annoying than anything.


Today, Action Bronson dropped his first single from Mr. Wonderful, "Easy Rider," with an unceremonious release to radio, prompting the internets to go buckwild and post every grade-B, sub-par dub of the track ever to be played out of a tin can. Noisey won't play you like that though. Here's that real real real version, that professional shit. Because we love you and you deserve only the best.

Get it at iTunes.