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Premiere: Auckland's Cool Runnings Get Their Priorities Straight

Weed before tweed. Kiwi punks get it right.

Cool Runnings couldn’t give a shit about people in nice clothes. At least that’s according to their new track “Blister”. It seems the Auckland four piece - Clay, Roy, Joe and Rory – care more about buzzy punk and cones in the clubhouse (that’s not a tampon floating over their heads in the photo above).

Having released a split with The Admiral on 1:12 records, the band are set to release an EP I Hate it Here on Bandcamp and a new 7” in time for a September US tour that will include an appearance at Goner Fest in Memphis and according to main vocalist Rory Treadaway, “taking a week to get fucked up in the desert between LA shows”. Fun times.


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