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Screw Coffee! "Shuffle" by Madame Is all the Wake Up Call You Need

French DJ gets the Boys Noize seal of approval.
October 13, 2014, 3:45pm

Meet Louis Roche. He is a French chap who goes by the name of Madame and he's is releasing the song "Shuffle," premiering above, via Boys Noize. The opening bars are guaranteed to

a. Make you feel anxious.

b. Wake you the fuck up.

Other points of note: the beat, when it drops, sounds like someone trying to bash down the door of your apartment when you're being too loud on a Sunday night and in response you just turn it up further. Also, the focal point of the track is a noise that sounds not unlike a rubber band taking center stage.

Basically this is a massive techno banger that's totally inappropriate morning music. No wonder Diplo, Digitalism, and obviously Boys Noize are fans. Party on.

Madame drops double A side single "Shuffle/Gigabytes" via Boys Noize Records on 11/17. It will include remixes by BS1 and Chambray.