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PREMIERE: Ignorance Is Bliss in Once A Tree’s “Lie To Me” Video

The Toronto electronic duo share their latest self-directed video.
July 28, 2015, 1:25pm

A lot of the time not knowing is easier than knowing and worrying, which is the message behind Once A Tree’s “Lie To Me” video. Coming off of the release of their Thousand Lives EP, the Toronto-based electronic duo have released the visuals for one of the project’s standout tracks. Self-directed with the help of Kit Knows, the slow motion hazy cinematography compliments the track’s dark and ambient vibe. Sonically, singer Jayli Wolf combines her sensual vocals with the song’s pounding downtempo instrumental to create a mesmerizing effect. The duo’s Thousand Lives EP can be downloaded here.

“Sometimes the truth is the hardest thing to bare,” Jayli Wolf explains. “So hard in fact that you would rather continue not knowing to spare yourself the pain. I was in a relationship that wasn’t healthy. It was the worst relationship I’ve ever been through willingly. I don’t know why I stayed; even to this day I can’t rack my brain to figure it out. I just remember the night that I had finally had enough. I told the guy that I was seeing to “Lie to me, spare me.” I didn’t want to hear the excuses, or the dishonesty anymore. The lyrics for “Lie to Me” were written inspired from that night, when I built up the courage to leave him.”

Watch the video below…

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