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Listen to an Unreleased Earl Sweatshirt Track Produced by Tyler, The Creator

And a bunch of other Odd Future stuff that has never been released.

The Internet is Written in Ink delves into musicians' HTML attics, searching to see what remains of their earliest forays online. Sometimes there's astonishing early material that has only been heard by a handful of people. Sometimes it's just them being a dick in the comments section of Gawker.

The thing about the internet is that it is both omnipresent and immortal. This can be a bad thing: embarassing photos, things you wrote on a Live Journal back in 2006, and all the Snapchats you've ever sent exist forever in a massive cloud that will haunt your future job prospects. But it can also be a good thing - you can watch any episode of any TV show, download ancient texts in PDF form, and rare songs and videos hide away in Mediafire and Dropbox accounts waiting to be discovered.

Odd Future - the rap collective cum socks'n't-shirts business machine - have a bunch of these sort of songs hiding away on the internet and every so often a benevolent fan uploads the rare tracks to a public YouTube account. The song above, called "Rats", is one of those tracks. Uploaded a couple weeks back, and floating around forums in snippets for the past few months, "Rats" was recorded back in 2010 and produced by Tyler, The Creator. The YouTube account - which goes under the name of Odd Davud - has also uploaded a bunch of other unreleased Odd Future material including a better version of an old Tyler, The Creator demo called "Heart of Gold".

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