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Harvey Stripes Delivers One Hell of an Appetizer with Surprise EP 'Yours To Discover'

Fun fact: "Yours To Discover" is also Ontario's official slogan for license plates.

"Yours To Discover" is not only Ontario's official slogan, but is also a very appropriate name for a surprise EP. Spiralling from laid-back cruise music to rumbling trap bangers, Toronto rapper and DND music group affiliate Harvey Stripes flexes his artistic muscles to incorporate both in EP Yours To Discover. A precursor for his upcoming full-length tape In God We Trust, the six track EP features production from the likes of Murda Beatz and Soulja Boy and features from fellow Torontonian Layla Hendryx, and even wave-god, Max B.


“After all the work we put in, Harvey Stripes is still a new artist as far as the world is concerned,” Harvey explains. “The new wave of music will definitely remind the fans to revisit some of the hits and open their minds to my lifestyle moving forward and onto [debut mixtape] In God We Trust." Listen to the EP below.

Byron Yan is a writer from Toronto. Follow him on Twitter.