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Listen to a Song from S.O.A.'s Demo

From way back when Henry Rollins was still Henry Garfield.
February 27, 2014, 5:24pm

Photo via Dischord's Tumblr. Someone call the number and see if Rollins picks up. We're too scared.

Henry Rollins' first band, S.O.A., played their first show on December 13, 1980 and the lineup would blow your mind today: Minor Threat (also their first show), Bad Brains, the Untouchables, and Black Market Baby. It was a DC house show. (The house is super fancy nowadays and is up for sale if you've got $2 million lying around.) Two weeks later, the band hit the studio for the first time and recorded eight songs. Two of the tracks ("Disease" and "Stepping Stone Party") were released on Flex Your Head sampler and "Gonna Have to Fight" was included on the No Policy EP. The rest are unreleased versions.

Now, Dischord is releasing the demo songs and you can listen to the first song from it, "Public Defender," below. Pre-order the seven-inch here. Worth every penny to hear Henry Rollins before his "Liar" days, before the spoken word tours, before he played various cops and skinheads in movies, before he was the Hot Animal Machine, before he was even Henry Rollins. Just 19-year-old Henry Garfield pounding out fast, abrasive, classic DC hardcore.