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Andrew W.K. Rocks One Million Volt Keyboard Solo On Seven Tesla Coils

The party-est thing you ever did see.
October 8, 2012, 5:13pm

The High Priest of Party and General Ambassador of Positive Vibes couldn't pass up the once in a lifetime opportunity to play a one million volt power keyboard solo on seven tesla coils conducting electricity around the body of illusionist-cum-performance-artist David Blaine.

For his latest stunt, "Electrified" (which is currently in its home stretch), Blaine has spent the last three days straight being blasted by seven massive tesla coils…that also play music. I used to write this column about bizarre musical instruments such as the Cat Piano and the Sea Organ, but watching AWK blast face on the coils while simultaneously blasting Blaine was one of the strangest and most amazing spectacles I ever done saw. If you haven't had the chance to see it in person, you can check out the live stream on YouTube and hear for yourself how loud—but also melodic—electricity can be. The zappy sound they make is pretty sci-fi and lends itself well to the Imperial March and Dracula-esque organ compositions. As well as metal-influenced power pop, of course.

There are no speakers, and the tones are produced by the spark of the tesla coils as controlled by Ultrabook computers onsite and worldwide. They've also rigged up a midi keyboard upon which AWK hammered producing his classic anthem, "Party Hard," as well as riffing on "Free Bird," much to the crowd and Blaine's delight. After the performance Andrew W.K. described the experience as "the partyest thing [he's] ever done." And vowed to travel around the world "partying harder than ever." Check out videos of the performance and Andrew's thoughts below! PARTY HARD!