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Listen to the First Song Off of Elway's New Album, 'Better Whenever'

The Rocky Mountain twang-punks are back.
July 7, 2015, 2:10pm

Since their formation in 2007 as 10-4 Eleanor, Elway has blended the punk of Eastern contemporaries like The Lawrence Arms, Iron Chic, and The Menzingers with a Western tinge that nodded to their northern Colorado roots.

On their new song "Albuquerque Low,” however, the band is looking south with an ode to the New Mexico city that spawned Breaking Bad. "Before you go, promise you'll commit my bones, to the salt inside them stones on the Gulf of Mexico," pleads frontman Tim Browne on the first single off of Better Whenever. It's a gravely tribute to a state that borders their own, and cements Elway's reputation as a versatile band that's just as comfortable playing mid-tempo Mellencamp-esque rock as it is with high-speed punk.

Better Whenever, recorded in the band's hometown of Fort Collins, is out July 24 on Red Scare. You can pre-order it and catch them at Riot Fests Chicago and Denver, and the Fest in Gainesville later this fall.