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Watch the Making of Cattle Decapitation's Brutal New LP 'The Anthropocene Extinction'

Find out how the band crafted such a ripper.
July 15, 2015, 4:00pm

Finding out how a musician works is somehow just as interesting, if not more than listening to the music itself. Especially if it's a band that has been around the block for a while. Which is why we're stoked to show you Cattle Decapitation's new making of documentary for their new record The Anthropocene Extinction. It's an interesting look on how the band has changed their approach over the years, especially when gearing up for the new record. From Homovore to now, the band has refined their grindy sound into something dark yet crisp. This record is going to be an absolute monster, and you can even hear a little bit of it in the documentary.


Watch below, and read about that time a kid at the Cattle Decap show almost got decapitated himself right here.