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You Will Dance Your Ass Off to Protomartyr's Post-Punk Burner "I Forgive You"

Detroit's favorite sons release one of their best tracks on the stellar forthcoming LP 'The Agent Intellect.'

There are few tracks on The Agent Intellect that burn with a punk fire quite like “I Forgive You.” The latest track from the forthcoming LP by Protomartyr comes right out of the gate like a bucking bronco, flailing around with discordant riffs and dancable post-punk rhythms before settling into a fantastic hummable melody. It's one of the highlights of an already stellar LP, one that hits via Hardly Art on October 9. Order yours, you won't regret it.


Stream “I Forgive You” below, and check out the lyrics as well an explanation of some references that vocalist Joe Casey makes along the way.


Ahhhh you
Heretics, cheats
fifty misses deep, common thief, (1)
DUI-OWIs (2)
Exit MacGuffin’s, exit!
you’re not a regular here (3)
I forgive you though
Saw you wobble at JAMS last week
The judge’s racket is big business you know? (4)
Chemist priest (5)
proves they don’t all look like Matt Z. (6)
Caught him in the locker room
running tapes - taking notes
on where the boys fall on the spectrum (7)
Scientific method
Artisanal handouts (8)
Thanks a lot! I’d rather outcrop with palm flashes
Bosley crawlers (9)
The eyes of Kayrouz are upon you (10)

What’s the matter with you?
Why you keep on making that mistake?
I forgive you,
but I feel it’ll happen all again
like a turn on Outer Drive and 6 (11)

Crawl through life
Who stole this car and why are we in it and where do we go again?
Fail at life
and you’re pulling up and pulling up and pulling up again
You fail at life
Pulling up and pulling up and pulling up
Feel alive, feel alive
and your pulling up and pulling up and pulling up again

1) "50 Misses Deep", a reference to the radio edit version of this Detroit classic from Drunken Master featuring Lola Damone
2) Light pole signs and billboards across town advertising legal help for drink related crimes.
3) A bar located inside a national movie theater chain. Being a "regular" there would be silly.
4) JAMS: alcohol and drug testing facilities. Places like these are rumored to be owned by judges as a money maker.
5) High school chemistry teacher from my old school. Recently got sent away for a very long time for molestation charges. He also would record locker rooms and keep notes very scientifically.
6) Continuing a great local tradition of putting Matt Z. in a song. Tyvek did it. The Johnny Ill Band did it. We have a reference to him in Tarpeian Rock.
7) Reference to the lawyer for Obama accuser Larry Sinclair, who according to him, has to wear kilts because he is at the ""other end of the spectrum", ie: his dick's too big.
8) Many new restaurants and stores in Detroit are "artisanal" while also being too expensive for the average Detroiter.
9) Bosley crawlers are the kind of drunk white guys you see streaming outside of sporting events. Red faced and angry they have to walk to their car.
10) Joumana Kayrouz seemed to have owned every billboard and bus ad -all with her piercing eyes staring through your wretched soul.
11) Outer Drive loops around Detroit in twists and turns, often with no streetlights. It is often harrowing at night taking those turns, but if you make the turn on 6 (McNicols) you are almost home.