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Miss Destiny’s Mean Street Rock Is Going to Set You On Fire

Take a listen to ‘Law & Order’, a sneak peak to the Melbourne rockers debut album.
May 12, 2016, 1:18am

Image: Dave Forcier

Melbourne hard rock powerhouse Miss Destiny have some big news. Their debut album is coming out on RIP Society records real soon and in July and August they will be heading to the US to bust heads on their first international tour.

Musically, the band are loose but fun. Think the Runaways live in Tokyo in 1977 mixed with that first L7 record that Epitaph put out. Actually screw that, just imagine loud and mean street rock that will set you on fire.

Listen to “Law & Order”, a track taken from the upcoming album, below. It’s a song that guitarist and vocalist Harriet Hudson explains as an anthem for making a stand. “I guess it's just about getting out of a situation that's a total drag. Turn it up to 11 when you're just about ready to quit your job or something like that.”

Tonight in Melbourne the band are teaming up with friends Power, Whipper, Geld and the Skids at the Curtin for special tour fundraiser that will help them raise cash to buy shots in Texas and hot dogs in New York City.

Catch Miss Destiny in Melbourne tonight at the Curtin with Power, Whipper, Geld and the Skids.