Blare a Track and Work into a Mess Ahead of Ultra Gash’s Tape Launch

The Calgary punks blast a sound that is as loud as the their city’s mid winter streets are frigid.
June 7, 2016, 11:06am

Image: A Willet

Don't worry if your life is lacking in demented and deranged Canadian punk played by three down in the mouth degenerates. We’ve found a solution and they are called Ultra Gash. The Calgary band blast a sound that is as loud as their city’s mid-winter streets are frigid and after a well received demo are set to launch a new cassette of munted punk rock. They launch the tape in Calgary this weekend with Janitor Scum, Genex and Winnipeg band Slurs.


To celebrate the launch the band have sent us a great promo video animated by drummer Ryan Von Hagen who also does the art for band’s twisted tape and record covers. Listen to their track “Fixed Game” and read a short interview with the band's Kurtis Denne below.

Noisey: Your sound has been compared to Crime and the Cramps. That’s some big comparisons to live up to!
Kurtis Denne: A promoter from Calgary described us as that to an Edmonton promoter so I don’t know, it’s not our praising. However we love Crime.

Is “The City” in reference to Calgary or cities in general?
It’s inspired by the Dead Boys “Sonic Reducer”. Actually it’s about Calgary and the population in general. About people dealing with their own sense of ego and being treated as equal and not judging.

What’s the punk scene in Calgary like?
In the dead of this past winter it felt like it was… dead, a lot of good bands including Golden Path and Desgraciados had members move to different cities. But we still have some hot acts such as Glitter, Bog Bodies, and Janitor Scum. Garbage Daze is about to happen and that is always an awesome festival to have in Calgary.

What’s the best/worst thing about being a punk band there?
Calgary is a little isolated. In the city as a whole your pretty much under the radar, but there's still tons of people that come to shows and one main venue is a hot dog shop called the Tubby Dog. The shows are all ages but still serve liquor. There's a handful of other venues that put on shows but it’s hurting sometimes for a good spot. But then house shows still fly. It's fine. Winters are long, but its good for playing tunes.

Ultra Gash tape launch party:
June 8 - Calgary at the Tubby Dog with Genex, Janitor Scum, Slurs and Ultra Gash